Oral Motor Institute


Recent Publications

Recent studies have been presented on Tethering of Oral Tissues (TOTS). A poster session at ASHA showed a correlation between frenectomy and speech sound production. The authors were: Ashley Meaux, PhD, CCC-SLP; Meghan Savage, PhD, CCC-SLP; & Courtney Gonsoulin, MA, CCC-SLP and their poster can bet found at: http://blog.talktools.com/2016/tongue-ties/. The second study of interest is by Bobake A. Ghaheri, MD; Melissa Cole, IBCLC; Sarah C. Fausel, BA; Maria Choup, BA; Jess C. Mace, MPH, CCCRP. It discusses the improvement of breastfeeding post frenectomy and can be found at: http://blog.talktools.com/2016/breastfeeding-improvement/.

Board Members Update

Several Board members and Consultants to the Board were presenters at ASHA Connect and at the ASHA Convention in 2016. Please see the EBP in Progress Page for more information.

PODCAST: Oral Placement Therapy

19 July 2015 | Conversations in Speech Pathology: with Robyn Merkel-Walsh

This podcast was in response to an interview with Dr. Gregory Lof in a previous podcast regarding NSOME and EBP. Robyn explained what Evidenced Based Practice we do have, and what needs further research.

RESEARCH: Nonspeech Oral Movements and Oral Motor Disorders

November 2015 | American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology

Ray Kent, PhD, has written an excellent journal article - Nonspeech Oral Movements and Oral Motor Disorders: A Narrative Review.


Here are a few items of interest:

  • OMI founder and former co-chair Diane Bahr has stepped down from our board in an effort to assist with mentoring without professional conflict. We thank Diane for her many years of dedication, for creating our monograph process and for all her professional contributions. Diane will certainly be supporting the OMI but in a different role for the future. Diane just joined the TalkTools lecturing bureau and will continue her commitment to our mission in the field.
  • Robyn Merkel-Walsh has proposed several nominations for new Board Members. The announcement of new inductees will be announced on our Facebook page in the upcoming year.
  • Kristi Gatto has written an excellent Orofacial Manual that can be found here: https://www.amazon.com/Understanding-Orofacial-Complex-Muscle-Manual/dp/1478739894

EBP Support for Private Practice

Janaury 2017 | Robyn Merkel-Walsh

If you are in private practive and require support in EBP for your work, please refer to the position statement of the American Academy of Private Practice in Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology. I worked with a committee to create this document. Read it here: http://www.aappspa.org/slp-aud.item.94/aappspa-position-statement-oral-motor-therapy.html